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"Every time I meet with a new client to explain Inbound Marketing they're amazed why no other agency hasn't mentioned it before."

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You've got to get Inbound Marketing for your business!

What is so special about Inbound Marketing?....Everything so keep reading!

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Get more leads in less time...

Digital Genius, along with Inbound Marketing, helps bring more leads your way, gives better insight into your marketing, helps build scalable marketing processes, and grows your business faster.

Digital Genius is trusted in Las Vegas and Henderson for over 20 years

Why choose Digital Genius for your marketing?

We're Knowledgeable

- We want you to better understand why Inbound Marketing is important

- We understand that marketing is the key to a client's success

- We work with hundreds of different clients & business types

- We give clients better insight into how their marketing actually works

- We have an educated marketing staff to better assist you

We're Diligent

- We will not let your marketing go by the wayside or flounder

- We will work tirelessly on your marketing to get it right

We Love Marketing

- We keep up with the latest marketing services, products & trends

- We foster an agency culture of fun & enthusiasm towards marketing

Do you constantly wonder if your marketing efforts are on the right track?

We can help you add advanced analytics to your marketing campaigns. Get some answers. Let's make an appointment today!

It never hurts to talk with a digital marketing genius.
It actually makes your marketing feel better.

"Digital Genius explains marketing better than anyone I've ever met. They truly are a group of digital marketing geniuses."‚Äč

What marketing services do we offer...

- Complete Digital Marketing Package

- Seminar Marketing

- Referral Marketing

- Website, Ecommerce & Landing Pages

- Email Marketing

- Pay-Per-Click or SEM Marketing

- Television, Cable or OTT Advertising

- Vinyl & Digital Billboard Advertising

- Newspaper, Magazine & Collateral

- Mini Digital Marketing Package

- Video & YouTube Marketing

- Content Marketing & SEO

- ClickFunnels Design & Creation

- Geo-Fencing

- Social Media Marketing

- Radio, Streaming & Podcast Advertising

- Bus, Transit & Movie Advertising

- Political Marketing

What is the next logical step?

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  3. Then, you can decide if Digital Genius is a right fit for your business marketing
  4. Then, we can either begin to work with each other or cordially say adios amigo

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What we know about marketing that others don't...

Marketing is all about efficient Systems

Most business owners look at and try a single marketing service or product that they believe will solve their problem; television campaign, Facebook advertising, email marketing, etc. Then, it may work or it may not work. It’s a gamble right? It shouldn’t be. We don’t believe in gambling with your marketing.

We believe you should integrate a specific group of marketing services and products into a complete efficient marketing system. You should at least start with a great website and email marketing and then later add social media and more content marketing.

Are you thinking of airing spots on television? We can show you how to work it into your complete marketing system. But don’t advertise until you’ve built your marketing system.

The more marketing services or products that you have in your marketing system, the more efficient and prosperous you should become. But you have to think in terms of a system and not just one product that you test and it fails.

It’s not that expensive to implement a properly run marketing system if you do it correctly. We can help you keep the costs down while at the same helping you grow your marketing system.

Systems is what makes Inbound Marketing so effective

Inbound marketing is only effective when you combine a strong website with calls to action, growing tagged and segmented email database, engaging social media presence and entertaining content.

Merging those and other services and products into a cohesive marketing system will provide a strong Inbound Marketing System.

Also, identifying your target audience and communicating with them their way is very important. You might be talking to the wrong audience and never realize it.

Next, you have to be aware that your target audience goes through a series of steps when they have a need for your product or service. They follow a funnel that includes a series of steps, including awareness, consideration, and then purchase. This is the buyer’s path to purchase.

You need to have content for each step so that your content nurtures them every step of the way until they both buy from you and then later recommend you to their friends and co-workers.

Inbound marketing is built to do just that.

Inbound Marketing is what we do!

We know how to help you build a strong and effective Inbound Marketing System.

Depending on your budget, we can start you out with the most effective product or service to create leads now and then later when you increase your budget, we can help you move to the next step of the inbound marketing system. We will lead and guide you to the next step.

Inbound marketing is what we do and we do it well for our clients. We can help you.