What marketing services do we offer...

Inbound Marketing Services

If you want the works, then this is the package for you. We begin by taking an audit of your current marketing system. Next, we add anything that you don’t have. We create all the content necessary. We provide consistent analytics of your marketing system. We truly transform your boring, do-nothing marketing system into a robust Inbound Marketing System. This is our Retainer Package and it includes everything from soup to nuts to give you the best of the best.

If you don’t want the complete digital marketing system but instead want a more affordable marketing system, then this is the package. It includes email marketing, landing page creation, social media posts and the necessary analytics. It may be called “Mini” but it’s mighty and helps keep your marketing focused.

Your website, whether traditional type or ecommerce type, is critical for your business. It’s the first marketing project any business should undertake and is so critically important for inbound marketing. Landing pages should be used for gathering leads over sending someone to your website. Your website should be the linchpin of your inbound marketing.

Landing Pages are an amazing way to build quick, easy funnels to move your customers through their buyer’s journey. It’s one of the fastest ways to prototype and test your marketing. We can help design, build and maintain your Landing Pages in your marketing system.

If your business marketing website is the king, then email marketing is the queen. To practice inbound marketing, you have to have an email marketing system in place. You can communicate to potential marketing customers with one of the most successful marketing channels ever. Think amazing lead collection, autoresponders and email blasts to power your marketing system.

Social media marketing is different from pay-per-click using social media. You should use social media for organic postings. This is a free but often misused communications method by business owners. You should have a social media plan in place, including calendar and content to post.

Content marketing is the foundation of your message. It all begins by developing your potential customer personas and mapping them through the buyer’s journey for your product or service. SEO is purposely used to present your content on search engines while vying for the highest page on the search engine ranking pages. Both are critical.

Pay-per-click, if used correctly, can be amazing. Run an advertisement with Google Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn or many others, and watch as the leads come to you. Plus, it’s so much more traceable than traditional advertising. You can tie your advertising to people making their way through your website or funnel.

YouTube is the second largest search engine behind only Google. YouTube has more than 1.9 billion monthly users and 30 million daily users. If you have great information to present about your business and you present it in video format on YouTube, viewers that are searching for your particular category or expertise can find you on YouTube. We shoot video after video to build your YouTube Channel. You want a YouTube Channel don’t you?

If you really want to target an area of town for marketing purposes and then present your marketing message to those in that area, geo-fencing is the right way to go. It’s an amazingly effective way of micro-targeting a specific part of town. You can even target your competitor’s store front. It sounds complicated but we make it easy. 

Traditional (lead generation) Marketing Services

Video marketing on traditional broadcast television, cable or OTT are still a very viable method for lead generation. Television commercials elect Presidents still. They are extremely effective for both timely promotional marketing and long term branding. But using these traditional methods for modern inbound marketing can be tricky. You should have a plan to get them to your website or landing page.

Audio marketing on traditional terrestrial or streaming radio can work very well depending on the business type and marketing usage. The consuming public still listens to radio in their car on the way to work and then home. They develop a relationship with the DJs on each station and the format of music presented. If used correctly, radio and streaming audio marketing can work tremendously. Podcasting is a fast growing way of giving information to your customer base.

Vinyl billboards are still very popular and a great way to achieve high rates of frequency to a specific traveling customer base. Using a network of digital billboards can work to achieve both high reach and high frequency to a specific traveling customer base. Used properly, billboards can brand your business quickly.

Out of home advertising, including bus, transit and movies can be very effective to reach and offer brand messaging. Movie advertising offers a captive and attentive audience that purchase products or services. Bus and transit advertising are a very visible method of advertising while your customers are out and about traveling throughout the city.

Print still has it’s audience. It’s not nearly as effective as it had been in it’s grand old time but you can present your advertisement in front of a very targeted audience for a reasonable price. But you have to be careful and have someone guide you through the process to be effective or it could cost more than you’re expecting or want.

If you’re a candidate or have an issue to present in front of an audience, then we have the skills, talents and experience necessary to further your message. Don’t trust those that aren’t practicing modern inbound marketing methods to get you elected. We use inbound marketing tactics to keep your constituets informed and you better in touch with them.

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What is our philosophy on marketing?

We design, develop and maintain Inbound Marketing Systems for your business.

We implement Inbound Marketing first, with great Content Marketing, and then later add a whole plethora of Lead Generation methods to help fill the lead buckets

We start by designing an inbound marketing system that drives potential, referral & current customers to your website. At your website, these customers consume your well-thought-out marketing content that you provide them through each stage of their buyer’s journey.

Along the way through the buyer’s journey, the customer goes through varies stages until they finally purchase your product or service. The buyer’s journey or path to purchase include these very important steps; awareness, consideration, decision and finally the repeat or referral step.

Your potential customers have problems, needs & desires that you can fill

They start when they become aware that they have a problem, need or desire. They go online to do research on how to solve their problem, need or desire, including going to your website to see if you have a solution that can help them with their problem, need or desire.

You provide valuable content to help them solve their problems

Next, after they researched their problem and are now in the consideration stage; they begin to define their problem more fully and begin to internalize the various ways to solve it, including really getting to know more about your product or service through more of the great content marketing materials that you provide on your website.

They buy your product or service because you’ve been helping them along the process

Next, because of all the great knowledge that you provide with great content marketing on how to solve their problem, need or desire, they choose to move toward or forward with your company into the decision stage to make a purchase. You’ve educated them and solved their problem so they’re grateful and they make a purchase with you. You’ve met their need with content that matched their need to solve a problem, need or desire.

Make them a raving fan and they will buy from you again or give you a great referral

After they made the purchase with your company, you continue to build a relationship so that the customers become raving fans of your business. You’ve completely satisfied their needs and they’re happy with the entire process.

If they encounter trouble during the process, you’ve internally noted and corrected the problems and the customer is happy. You use the noted problem and how you solved it to make sure you don’t make the same mistake twice.

They either purchase from you again or they provide you future referrals of new customers or both. Both is better! lol

Wash, rinse, repeat the marketing processes

Then, you’re repeating the stages over again; awareness stage, consideration stage, decision stage and finally repeat or referral stage for every customer that comes through your funnel.

After you build your inbound marketing system, then you fill it with leads

You can fill your funnel with leads by using lead generating methods such as; television, radio, billboards, social media, online pay-per-click or any other various methods to drive traffic to your inbound marketing system. What about geo-fencing? But the inbound marketing system must be built first before driving leads to the system. You must heed this warning! Don’t waste leads.

This is where most businesses break down in the marketing system process. They haven’t built an inbound marketing system yet. They haven’t mapped out the process and it’s not repeatable. The business never really has a firm grasp on how to repeat the process again and again.

A good marketing system is better than no marketing system

This is how you build a consistent & sustainable flow of customers through your marketing system. You first build it by creating great content and creating a consistent inbound marketing system. Then, you fill the funnel with more prospective customers by using lead generation methods. But any marketing system is better than no marketing system at all. Don’t guess if you have a system! If you’re guessing you have one, then you probably don’t have one. Give us a call today to see if we can help your business!