Quit asking about return on investment with potential new marketing services firm

My advice is to quit asking about Return on Investment in preliminary marketing sales presentations with a marketing services firm. I always get this question mostly from potential clients who don’t do any marketing at all or they’ve had someone help them with their marketing before and it didn’t go so well. Either way, both of those choices are not great candidates for hiring a marketing services firm. I never get that question from a business that can afford a marketing services firm.

Here’s the Marketing Return on Investment for hiring a marketing services firm…if you aren’t building your marketing because you either don’t know how or you don’t have the time, or you don’t want to pay for a full time marketing employee, then the Return on Investment for using a marketing services firm is that someone is actually doing what should be done in the first place…helping build your marketing.

Together, you and the marketing services firm will build an incredible business but alone your business could starve from a lack of quality marketing strategies and tactics.

And don’t pass it off to the Business Manager. “Hey go find out what changes you notice in Google Analytics.” They probably don’t know or care to know about marketing your business. Digital Genius has years of marketing experience. Let us know you deserve help.

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