Communicating with Digital Genius’ clients and potential clients

I love to talk to my clients about marketing. I’ve spent hours talking about marketing even during free consultations with 100’s of businesses. I’m a laid back extrovert and love marketing systems.

My buddy says that I spend hours in one consultation and never take a breath just talking about marketing. I want to share my knowledge to my clients and even potential clients. Teach a man to fish and he can fish for life. Our motto is “Teach our clients to market their business and both our client’s business and Digital Genius will grow together”.

I know that without help from my clients and open lines of communications, that the effort will not be as strong than with the help and communications.

Offer your help to the agency that you hire. If you know how to write emails that are effective, then offer those to your agency. Made videos in College? Make it fun to grow your business alongside the marketing services firm who really cares that you grow your business.

Pay them for what they’re worth. Don’t hesitate to give them more billable hours so that they can grow your business faster. But work alongside them all the way.

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